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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsChemistry · 1 decade ago

How many grams of sodium lactate is needed?

How many grams of sodium lactate (NaC3H5O3) should be added to 1.00 L of 0.100 M lactic acid (HC3H5O3) to form a buffer solution with pH 2.90? Assume that no volume change occurs when the NaC3H5O3 is added.

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    if the Ka of lactate is 10^(-3.86), our [H] = 10^(-2.9) and [HC3H5O3] = .1, you plug them in to the Ka expression ([H][A-]/[HA]) and chug out [C3H5O3-] which should be .010964781961 mols/L. we have a liter so just convert those mols to grams.

    the molecular weight of sodium lactate is 112 grams.

    (112g/mol)(.01964781961mol) = 1.23 grams.

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