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why people attracted towards terrorism?

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    there are several reasons for making a man terrorist.1. children who had traumatic experiences in their early child hood and deprived of love by his/her parents.2.people having inferiority complex. some people who miserably failed in their sexual life, become terrorists to cover up their impotency3.some people who have tendencies of megalomania become leaders of terrorist groups and dictate others to listen to him only and wander in the lands of dreams that one day they would become ruler of entire world.4.people who were not loved by their neighbors and other fellow beings and insulted by the society and were subject to racial, caste, religious discrimination become terrorists.state does not tolerate peoples liberation movements and resort to terrorism .mafia kings, drug smugglers and people having some vested interests become leaders of terrorism and schizophrenics, psychopaths automatically vulnerable for becoming terrorists .but some people who are normal resort to terrorist activities to liberate their people from ruthless rulers and foreign imperialist forces. they think that ends justify means. when terrorists are caught alive their minds are to be analyzed and are to be given proper treatment by psychiatrists and aggressive psychopaths are to be kept in asylums.some people with paranoid tendencies become religious terrorists. some people though normal, get inspired by religious heads and induce paranoia in their minds and become religious terrorists.

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    People in the United States have a habit of automatically judging terrorists as evil, and I'm not saying terrorists acts aren't evil, but that view is rather simplistic. If a foreign power invaded and occupied the United States while claiming to be liberators or something similar, many Americans would take up arms against the invader.

    Many of the governments in the Middle East try to unload their policy failures onto the Western powers and vilify the United States and Israel in particular. Also, with wars like in Iraq, many people's relatives and friends are killed, which understandably produces anger. Many people see terrorism thus as a justified response since they don't have the means to wage a traditional war.

    Also, as another respondent said, many terrorists are also psychopaths (e.g., Osama bin Laden) who stir up outrage in others to promote their worldview through violence. These types are attracted to terrorism through their need for power; thrill seeking; and often dogmatic, authoritarian worldview.

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    For terrorism, there are four categories of motivations. They are transidealogical, religious, political, and violence. The lower guys (hired guns) are usually mostly violence-motivated or possibly religious. The highest guys are usually political, or transidealogical.

    Most of the hired guns are doing one of two things - providing their families an insurance policy, or seeking revenge. Also, a lot of them do those things simply because they are out of work and have nothing better to do. These people do not see a future in store for them. For so long, their fates have been cloudy, they cannot believe that America is trying to ensure that they can now have a bright future. They do not trust us, and they are justified in not trusting us after we left them to the mercy of Saddam after the first Gulf War.

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    There are several answers here that basically can be narrowed down to insecurity and fear of competition from other nations (IE Israel is more educated than most of the middle east and thus hated). Jealousy of wealthier, more powerful nations is a major motivator for terrorists, as opposed to a good number of, say, arab citizens who would be happy to be educated and work at first-world jobs as long as they, and not the US, define how they are educated.

    People can do many nasty things to get attention, terrorism has gained popularity as the groups who do it KNOW countries like America will be dumb enough to let their media follow it, thus making the terrorists famous and giving them more power to scare people and acheive things such as making progress toward eliminating their economic competitors (like Israel and the US).

    This is particularly relevant historically as the middle east used to be a world power for several centuries, but, in, for example, teaching citizens memorizing the Quaran by wrote memory instead of teaching them skills useful in the modern economic world, (The middle east) has lost their status.

    The solution seems obvious to me: donate a certain degree of educational resources to arab nations and let them decide what to do with them...a majority of the people (the majority, mind you, is NOT terrorist) will be happy as they get what they were looking for in the first place: a fair chance to be given similar lifestyle and benefit for their work as first-world countries. Note the educational resources we send will likely cost a tiny fraction of what it takes to keep troops in arab nations.

    It all comes down to giving them the chance for the basic human right of equality for work.

    Not to say by any means this can be done overnight, but we in America really need to get off our pedastals, stop indulging ourselves in media gossip (and portraying arabs as "monsters"), and give these people the fairness that will make the terrorists want to make peace with us....both the US and Iraq, for example, are guilty of fighting fire with fire we both need to stop and wise up.

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    i would think not believing in ruling party maybe religious fanaticsscare tactic for set objective creating fear and confusion or maybe out casts sort of like the police officers who use there badge to be disrespectful becouse they were picked on and had there lunch money took from them cowards

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    All terrorists are not muslims. I think it's a way to prove to oneself that he can do it. Most of the time they hide behind the flag of "expressing themselves since nobody want to listen to them" but it goes beyond that.

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    Because of easy availability of womn, wine and wealth.

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    terrorism got the sex appeal.

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