How can I tone my quad thigh muscles?

I have been doing cross-trainers and treadmills a lot lately. and I can't help but to notice that I haven't been 'loosing weight' on my legs, but my quad muscles(front thigh muscles) have grown big and ugly.... now I have a hideous 'curve' on the front of my thigh.... Are there any exercises out there that can just tone my legs without gaining any big muscles?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    thats kind of a oxymoron, like you cant work your legs without building muscle.

    although, if you do wish do cut down on the bigness of your legs, than just keep running. Dont do weights that will work the thighs, just run. Thats all you can do.

    dont bend your knees or anything of that motion (ie. Squating) just look at runners, they have slim and sleek bodies just because they run. just make sure your running for longer distances, and not short. even if your at a jogging pace, make sure its for a long time, cuz its those muscles that wont get you lookin like you have football player thighs

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    I think you must have to join a good gym for building quad muscles.

  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    simple knee bends without using any weights will keep your legs firm as far as the hideous curve it is more than likley muscle embrace it you find it will add to the fullness of your legs

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