Could someone please point me in the direction of a good website to find out the value of old US currency?

I work at a bank, so I find lots of old money and I came across a 1950 $100.00 bill, and it does not have the words in God we trust, and I have been told, by a money collector/trader/seller....(one of my customers) that it might be worth something. Is there a website out there that can tell me the true value? I'm so excited to find out, and I have no clue when I will see that guy again..thanks for all of your help and answers in advance!

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    and ebay at

    both have great details.

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    fairly, each and all of the cent does is function a sales tax "counter". Cents have an extremely low "velocity" in stream. They go economic company->keep->shopper->economic company. a sensible, circulating denomination has a lot extra keep->shopper->keep use between journeys to the economic company. You suggested it your self--you "commonly keep my pennies and alter it for actual money". it is because of the fact which you could not do something with them until you have have been given a set of them. for people who think of that cents are fairly effectual, evaluate this: because of the fact that 1982, we've made cents out of zinc with a skinny copper coating. as quickly as the coating is breached, the zinc and copper undergo a "galvanic" reaction--the cent surely turns right into a small, vulnerable battery, until the zinc corrodes and the cent falls aside. they're so effectual that we've made them "self-destructing" for 30 years, and _nobody_ cares

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