I am in a long distance relationship with an Egyptian guy any one out there have any advice?

We met online over a month ago. we talk every day both on-line and on the phone. I am planing a trip to egypt in a few months to met him. he has alredy asked me to marry him and i relly want to but i need advice. I love but i really dont know much about him every time i ask he about his life in egypt he tells me all will be explained when i come to him. if there are any girls that have marryed or dates egyptain guy out there any info you would like to give me would be greatly welcomed thanks.

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    I would advise you to not go see anyone like that when you know next to nothing about this person. Think, they can kidnap you and who could people back home look for and what do they know about him to help track him down.

    It has been only a month and he jumps to marriage, and you do not see this as a sign of trouble. Wake Up !!

    If you knew him for a year, you still can't be that certain, why can you and he not meet mid-way.

    The way this is you are taking all the risk, you are spending the money to travel, and it is your safety that could be in question. You need to ask yourself, how many other girls has he asked to travel and marry him, since he asked you so soon I am sure he played the routine before just shortened the time it took for him to aske the question. That way if the answer is no then he can drop ya and troll for his next target.

    Also, Egypt is one of the countries with very prominent social lines of division from the upper class to the lower class, and next to no middle class. Which means, about 80% of the country is in the two classes, you are either rich or dirt poor. Rich people would not troll the internet for a wife.

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    When you ask him things, he tells you all will be explained when you two meet in person??? What kind of a response is that? Don't EVER let a man tell you that! When you ask them something and they respond like that, something's not right, so demand the answer there and then. And MARRY him? What?? Come on, now! Stand up for your personal beliefs, personal way of life, and tell him strongly that you don't fit ready for marriage and that you two don't know each other well enough to be married. One month and meeting online and wanting to marry each other? Doesn't sound a good deal to me.

    Don't tell him ANYTHING personal!!!! NOTHING at all. Don't send him a pic yet either (I hope you haven't)... Not a good idea. Know him for some time more, ok? When you go to Egypt (NOT alone, by the way) and see him in person and all, see how he is then. Do you still like him like that? Don't rush into anything; don't make quick decisions; don't jump to conclusions too quickly either. You don't wanna know him just through the computer/phone, or then add even a few months in person. Marriage is a serious thing that requires serious thinking together with the person you wanna marry and serious thinking alone by you. I personally think you should know the person for at least a year (I prefer 2, though) before marryin him/her, regardless of the age.

    I wish you best of luck, and, oh.... Happy new year to all out there!

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    let me tell u something

    its ok to like someone on the net, but marriage thing is not that easy, u have to meet him in person first, u have to get to know him better.

    i'm Egyptian, but the thing here is not because he is egyptian, its because u didnt see him thats all.

    and dont listen to those people who tell u ur gonna wear veil and cover ur whole body n stuff like that, egypt is the most free country in the arab world, i'm not veiled and many other girls arent.

    my advice to u as a girl, not as an egyptian, just dont get too close before u meet him and get to know him better, take ur time, no rush.

    i would've told u the same if u were talking about an american, chinese, european...etc.

    think of it as a visit to egypt, and when u meet him see if u like him as much as u did on the phone or not, then make up ur mind.

    best of luck :)

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    Women in Egypt don't have the same rights as women have in western countries. And this is especially true when it comes to custody of children. In Egypt, it's the man who automatically gets the custody of children in any marital dispute or divorce.

    I suggest that you spend some time in Egypt and experience for yourself their culture and their way of relating to women, before you decide to get married.

    'Look before you leap' is always a good advice to follow.

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    if there are any girls that have marryed or dates egyptain guy out there any info you would like to give me would be greatly welcomed thanks.

    Princess D I A N A

    you gotta be out of your mind to do that!

    you have NO IDEEA what are you getting into.

    I love but i really dont know much about him every time i ask he about his life in egypt he tells me all will be explained when i come to him......he knows why really, really, well! and he doesn't want to tell you ahead the time! and i know it too I've been there....if he wants to marry an egyptian woman, he must pay up to 6 lbs of gold.....for you? nothing. zip, nada... in their minds you have no value......once married in there, you can't get out (lets say you wanna divorce, or come back see your folks, or you do not like living in there, your passport is taken ...baby you are trapped in there i wish you the best , and a church bell to ring loud in your head to wake you up before is too late.....why do you wanna put yourself and your parents in such a situation?????

    Its a differit culture baby, NO FREEDOM for you, NO LIBERTIES.. Happy New Year!

    Source(s): i have travelled once over seas to meet a girl..... NO MORE
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    There are scams where men from outside of the US, flirt and use romance to get money off women from the US. Be VERY careful. If you suspect all is not well, search for "Romance scam" on Yahoo. There are groups set up to help and support people who have become victims of this.

    Any man who does not answer questions about his life is VERY suspicious, and I wpuld suggest that you DO NOT go to Egypt until you know him better and then only if you have your own hotel room and do not depend on him for accomodation

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    where is your brain?

    Online dating is bad enough with local guys let alone guys in a different country.

    You gotta ask yourself WHY can't he find someone local? Why can't you find someone local?

    Also you gotta understand that guys from that part of the world think women are second class citizens and you might find him charming at first...but eventually he will either just want to get to the UNITED STATEs or he will treat you poorly.

    Get a grip on yourself. Going to Egypt alone???

    Please have someone with you or make him come here and make sure you have someone with you all the time.

    Please please be caureful. NO one can really know what someone is like online.

    I know a couple of guys who went over seas to meet a woman. and they were taken for all they were worth. It is a nightmare story.

    Please don't be the next story on the front of News Paper.

    Women and girls get sold in to sex slavery....and lets hope you arn't fair complected or blonde.

    Do your parents know what you are doing?

    Please please don't go!!

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    Dont Do It!!!!

    I See Disaster In The Horizon... Yes Go To Egypt. But No Not To See OR MARRY HIM!

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    1 decade ago

    Women are most definitely the dumbest species on this planet. WHY DOESN"T HE COME TO YOU?

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    Are you nuts? Do you fancy wearing a blanket over your face and be kidnapped to slave after his whole family, or worse?

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