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what should i do?

there's this boy that i like and i think he like's me too but how can i be sure? i'm too scared to ask him!!

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    You are a girl....there is nothing to be afraid of!! Guys love it when chicks dig them!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!

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    You don't have to jump all the way in right away. Start a conversation about something you know has his interest then pay close attention to him while he's talking to you. Watch his body language and take clues from his mannerisms. Maybe you could "accidentally" bump into him unexpectedly somewhere and end up hanging out. Only thing I can say for sure is that being shy never gets you anywhere in life.

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    In many ways I know what your going through. It is amazing how everyday we go through these annoying drama issues. If you really like this guy than i think you should go for him. Talk with him, but dont try to get him to notice you because men find that really annoying. See if you guys hit it off, and remember, the fastest way to a man's heart is through food.

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    BE a big girl and ask him. If you don't you will just be waiting biting your nail hoping for him to make the first move.

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    i think u should tell a really good friend of urs [or his] n ask if they can find out 4 u

  • Joho
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    just go talk to him and ask him yourself. good luck and have a happy new year.

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    Just talk to the boy and try to read his mind!!!!!!!!!!

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    unless you talk to him you will never know

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    why not, how otherwise can you find out

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