Help I sniched on my little sister.?

I told my brother about our little sister and her stupid boyfreind. Hes her first boyfreind and he has been tring to get in her pants. She is a V and is sheltered.I told her after the last incident where he got her drunk and tried 2 do her, that if she didn't drop him I was going to tell our parents. My brother told me tonight she was with him. so I told hiom about what happened and he told our mom. My mom wasn't trippin. She is just going to have the talk with my underage sister. But now she hates me. Did I do the right thing? I don't live by her and she hasn't been keeping in contact with me lately.I only told him so he would keep an eye on her. Was I wrong?

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    No, you were correct in doing what you did, she wont appreciate it, but you have to follow your own conscience if you are to live with yourself. In time, she will realize that you are only trying to protect her from making poor choices that she would regret at her age but for now, just know that you did what your conscience and values insisted was the best thing to do for all concerned. Good for you! If you had done nothing and she was messed up because of it, you would have felt very guilty about it and although its not your responsibility, sometimes we just have to put our two cents in when we see our beloved siblings making a very bad decision.

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    1 decade ago

    I think you made the right choice.

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