What are some tips for going on a blind date?

I have seen a picture of this girl, and she has seen a picture of me, and we have talked a little on the phone, but now we are going to meet for the first time. Where should I take her? Dinner and a movie? Do I kiss her at the end of the night????

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    You can take her to dinner & a movie,or dancing.First impressions are very important,be nice.Don't worry about kissing her at the end of the date.If she wants you to kiss her she'll let you know. Either by telling you,or some jesture she makes.You may want to move slowly towards her,if she moves towards you,then the kiss is on.Make it short and sweet,no tongue on the first date.You don't know if she is into that,so keep it in your mouth. Also,no roming hands,that is one of the fastest ways to end the date early.The main thing is to show her a good time.Take thing one step at a time.This is a blind date,you don't know if you will like her attitude or personality.The same goes for her.Have fun.

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    Why don't you just meet for drinks or coffee. Even though you have seen a picture of her, you don't know if you will like her enough to commit to a full dinner and a movie. If you do like her you can always transition into a meal after a drink or two. Don't do a movie. You can't get to know someone during a movie.

    Kiss her if she seems into it. I prefer not to kiss on a first date because it is usually too awkward. Give her a genuine hug and a kiss on the cheek to show you are a gentleman.

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    dinner and dancing.. don't you wanna find out how she shakes them hips and of course a kiss at the end of the date if not more :) :) :)

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    the tip is : dont go on a blind date

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    make out the second you get the blind folds off

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    Keep an open mind...

  • Anonymous
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    keep your eyes open.

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