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what to do?

what should i do when i am bored that is not to dangerous? i cant come up with any ideas need some help here,,,,,,

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    Call a friend, watch a movie, go out to friend or familys place, help someone, do a good deed, pray, do your nails, make popcorn (if you have a sweetooth put icing sugar on it instead of salt), have a bath, listen to radio, play a game with anyone in the house that you can convince (let them choose the game), do some housework or clean your room - better yet reorganise your room or furniture, draw a picture, do puzzles, search the internet, sort through videos, read a book, do some exercise

    Hope that helps!!!!!!!


  • 1 decade ago

    got a journal? got milk? online games and if u have any kind of system of configuration in your house? what your doing right now is safe asking questions!

  • 1 decade ago

    online games! i suggest counterstrike or silk road :)

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