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Should music at Dick's Rockin' New Years eve change?

I would like for the music at Dick's Rockin' New Years Eve change. Their music sucks, they should have artists from country, rock, and rap, and hip hop, all in one mix. They have way too much hip hop and rap going, they need to play a little more rock and stuff. Does anyone agree?

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    I agree with you! They need to add more variety. I was saying that to my husband while we were waiting for the count down.

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    Yup. needs to change. maybe they could add some Rascall Flatts or something. Rap and Hip Hop aren't the only kinds of music in the world. Many people don't even like rap and hip hop. they might get a bigger audience if they didn't play a bunch of junk. some real music would be nice.

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    Bieber did enable or not this is and Cee Lo did think of. the different Beatles/Beatles proper songs that night? The occasion i replaced into at had this tutor on in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it replaced into on mute whilst the host performed music that replaced into not precisely occasion music (Marilyn Manson? heavily? At a occasion?). a million: Dick Clark remains Alive. 2: i could not get previous the intro. i'd desire to heat up a crowd greater advantageous than that. 3: observed Aaron Carter on a 'action picture star' cooking tutor the different day. He lost a prepare dinner off to Taylor Dayne! So i think Justin sees the writing on the wall and is attempting his appropriate.

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    They should keep to the original..and honor is just completely American to do so.......Amen Brothers and Sisters!!!1

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    i would love to hear some different music too but its all about whats popular with that age group. besides, how could you change it? its an american institution.

  • i dont agree.i love it da way it is.face it ppl....Rap & Hip Hop are taking over.get wit it or deal wit it.simple!!!:)

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