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Anyone ever hear of the superstition that says to open a window a few minutes before midnight on New Years Eve

It supposed is to allow all of the previous years bad luck out and let in good luck for the coming year. Don't know if there's anything to it or not but i always do it. About 5 til i open a window and close it at 5 after. Only once in 20 years did i sleep through and not follow through with it and i swear that year i had a heart attack, i lost my job because of a plant closure and someone broke into my house.

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    I haven't heard that exactly but it was always our tradition (my Dad's doing, he was irish) that we open the door at midnight and let the old year out and the new year in. I am not sure of the history of that or anything though.

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    never heard of this.. only that your suppose to eat black eyed peas and cabbage on new years for good luck and money

    now a friend today said your to say "rabbit rabbit" before saying happy newyears ..

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    never heard of it .. but will try it next yr.. i have heard that you put a dollar in your wallet and place in under your front steps and it is suppose to attract money

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    i don't do that.coz i have not heard of it.

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