antiques valuation...?

my mother was recently given a pair of old vavse that would be easy over 100 hundred years old and i was wondering if there was any sort of website that i could get an evalution of...oh these two vases are identical and both have different numbers printed into the bottoms. thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not online. Go to a professional appraiser with the vase for which you need information.

    Be sure you go to a reputable appraiser and do NOT leave the vase(s) with the appraiser, you may never see them again.

    You can also hold on to the vases until The Antiques Road Show is in the city where you live.

  • lefang
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    1 decade ago

    how do you know they are over 100 yrs old, what pattern is it printed,painted, transfer, scraffiti, do they have manufactures logo printed on the base, the numbers you refer to could be moulding or pattern numbers, there are reference books for famous manufactures like Wedgewood ect, these can be accessed at most major libraries. an auction house will give you approximate dates or any good antique dealer who deals in ceramics, this may cost you a small fee but you can do a lot of the reasearch yourself at a good library in the antique section.

    regards LF

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well you would naturally have to provide anyone you were asking with more information...

    What kind of mark? What do they look like?

    are they porcelain, majolica? English, Asian?

    Too many differences to tell from what you have asked here.

    Go to Ebay and punch in the marks or characteristics into the search engine and see if anything looks like yours?

    But don't go by their prices...

    then... go to a dealer and ask them what it is worth.

    Most people don't know that the antiques roadshow is by a lottery only. You can't just show up. You have to go to the PBS station website and apply for a lottery that only if you actually get picked, do you recieve tickets to bring your items to the show.

    I know... I was on the Tampa Bay show!

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