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if your mind is a computer memory....what kind of software would you install?


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    I will install an internet security center, to protect myself from spyware, malware and hackers. Also I will download the Encyclopedia Britannica, 100 different foreign languages, knowledge, the latest news around the world, music, movies and update my mind every week.

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    Well if mine mind would be a computer memory, the first thing I would like to install is antivirus

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    Well, I will install Microsoft word. Word is a very powerful tool. You can Modify what you are saying, Edit your feelings, and Copy Paste your orgy desire.And Save it because If you want to experience it again, just Open it.

  • 1 decade ago

    an updated version of windows 2000, that comes with a antivirus software and a downloader that sometimes spoils

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    In the morning I would start with Coffee XP, with milk service install, and hopefully I took my antivirus tablets the night before. : D

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    Lindows, Suse, and Knoppix all on the same huge drive for compatibility, all encompassing knowledge and fun rolled into one

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    Firewall protection so that the intruders know I mean business.

    What a great question!

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    window 3000

  • LORD Z
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    A really big firewall so that I can not be taken advantage of.

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