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What is the general price of a Cockatoo parrot?

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    usually $800.00 - $1000.00 cocatiels are almost $200.00

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    Cockatoos range in price from $1,200 and upward. There are several kinds to choose from. The Umbrella is the most often seen in pet stores, and frequently given away when customers can't take the noise any longer. We are owned by 2 umbrellas, one was donated and the other purchased very cheap just to get it away from some children. One of them came from a bird sanctuary and we believe belonged to someone for a very long time. She screams for several hours a day but is happier with us than where she used to be. We do not sell any large parrots in our pet shop mostly because people buy them on impulse. It takes money for a proper cage, diet, toys and an avian vet. Customers tell us how much they want a Cockatoo until they hear our "Screamer". If you have the resources, please consider adopting a Cockatoo from a sanctuary. They screen people with a credit check and all but only do it for the bird's sake so that it has a wonderful home. They generally will assist you with basic knowledge also.

    Hand fed birds cost more and precautions must be taken to keep everything sanitary, especially the hand feeding equipment. or the bird will die.

    Source(s): Please do not be offended that any of this is directed to you personally. Our birds are family members who have owned us for 10, 8, and 5 years. We also have a rescued Amazon. Independent pet shop since 95.
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    Depends on if it's a baby, hand fed or an older bird. If it's an older bird the price will take in to consideration the birds disposition to people & it's adaptability towards new people / owners.

    You can look at a price range of $700 - $1200 on average.

    Then there are different kinds of Cockatoo's & so on.

    If you are serious I would suggest a baby that has been hand fed!

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    Usually 800$+ It of course depends where you held from.

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    Depends where you live. They can run about $4,000+ colors, parents, handfed, etc.... will depend on the price.

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