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What do I do?

I am 15 years old.I am 5'7.I weigh 100lbs.Am I too skinny?I wear Hollister XS on top and S on bottom.So am I too skinny?

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    This is a question that is not easily answered. Look in the mirror if you think you are to skinny you probably are. It is better to be healthy than skinny. If you are so concerned find a wieght and Height index chart and check for what you should be. (take into account family genes and such)

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    Eat nourishing and not junk food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Chew each morsel at least 32 times. This will activate ur message system from stomach to the brain so that u stop eating as soon as u feel full. Take plenty of regular light exercises and go for brisk walks. All unseemly spots will loose inches with pleasure in a reasonable time.

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    well personally i think that ur too skinny, i mean it aint that bad...just gain a few pounds. 5'7 the average weight is 123-163...depending on ur frame. but if ur that skinny im thinkin that u have a small frame. so get up to like 120 and ull be good. but it dont really matter how much u weigh...its all cheezy and stuff but it really does matter wats on the inside. im 15 and 5'7 too, but i weight like 134. so i guess it just depends on the person.

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    You are fine...You'll bulk up (round out) a little more once you get a little more of puberty under your belt. Estrogen does some pretty dramatic things to a young woman's body. You're still a child, growing and maturing into a woman. Eat healthy, get adequate exercise, stay away from drugs of any kind and you'll grow into the woman you are meant to be. Mother Nature makes no mistakes...

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    Hun, I'm 5-3 and weigh the same. If you eat and eat healthy amounts of food regularly, you are just plain skinny and not in any health danger. Fret not, my friend.

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    do you think you are too skinny? you need to be happy with you and no one else needs to matter i know that sometime you see a distorted image and you need to know but i dont think that you are too skinny. i have three kids and i am 25 i am 5'2 and 118 i wear a size s on top and a size 5 on bottom and i see myself as fat and everyone calls me crazy but i am working on being happy with myself and you should try too.

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    for 15 maybe your metabolism is just high have you always been thin? 100lbs for you height is a low weight but it could also be genetics you body has a set point it wants to be at once you reach it, it will usually maintain there if your eating healthy and exercising.

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    thats alittle skinny, so here are 3 ways to gain weight

    1. eating!

    2. lifting!

    3. supplements!

    Happy New Years

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    if you are healthy and have a good energy level then you should be fine.. just remember your only 15....i am 26 and wear size small but am 50kg and 160 cm tall and i feel great!!!

    good luck

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    thats all in your head

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