How many glasses of alcohol does it take to get drunk?

How many glasses of merlot ( 6% alcohol ) would it take to get tipsy or drunk?

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    "Most" people get a little tipsy after 2 drinks.

    The amount of alcohol required to get drunk depends on:

    - your body size/weight

    - your tolerance to alcohol (similar to drug use, people who drink alcohol develop a tolerance to its effects)

    - how fast you drink

    - your mindset (i.e. you'll be more drunk if you think you are drunk - some people feel drunk after drinking water they believe to be vodka)

    - the amount of food in your stomach (you'll get drunk fast on an empty stomach, but it's very unhealthy and almost impossible to pace yourself)


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    1 decade ago

    Their is no clear cut answer to this question. Their are many factors to consider.

    The first factor is, did you eat something before you started drinking. If you don't eat, then you are going to get drunk a lot faster because the food you eat helps absorb the alcohol.

    The second factor is, were you just drinking merlot, or were you drinking other drinks. If you have merlot, then switch to another alcohol beverage, you are going to get drunk a lot quicker, then if you stay with that one drink all night.

    The third factor is, how much do you weigh. In general people that weigh more can drink more, then a person that is lighter.

    The fourth factor is, are you hydrated before you started drinking. If you are drinking outside in 100% whether, then the alcohol will hit you harder. If you don't have a lot of water in your body, it will also hit you harder.

    The fifth factor is, do you have a high tolerance to alcohol. If you drink a lot, then you will build a high tolerance to alcohol and be able to drink a lot more.

    The sixth factor is, how faster are you drinking the merlot alcohol. If your drinking it fast, then it will hit you a lot harder.

    Their may be other factors, but these are the main ones. I will tell you how much bear it would take me to get drunk. I can drink 4-6 bears providing that I drink them in two hours to before I get buzzed. It would take 9-16 before I get hammered. This is just an estimate because like I said their are many factors involved, so sometimes I get drunk from a few bears and other times it takes more to get me buzzed or drunk.

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    Well a wine glass is supposed to be filled 1/3 full, but most restaurants fill it almost to the brim. So you have to measure.

    Body size and tolerance are a factor, but for most people 8 oz. of wine that is 12% alcohol will get you tipsy.

    If a wine is only 6%, it is probably not a good quality wine, unless it is a sweet wine where not all the grape sugars are fermented.

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    Merlot is generally 8 percent. Asuming you weigh 125lb you would need 3 x 4oz glasses drank quickly to get close to .08% DUI level. I think you should just drink alot and see what happens.

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    1 decade ago

    Depends on the person. hate 2 say it but i get drunk after 2.

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    1 decade ago

    For me about 6-8, when I first started drinking about 2-3. It all depends on experience, body type and environemental factors.

    Hey, eener, don't forget about timing between drinks.

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    I hate getting piss-drunk but enjoy three to five beers now and then. I like cider, light coolers, chocolatinis, dry martinis, kamikaze and one drink with whiskey and amaretto mixed together, even gin and juice or shnapps and jag on the rocks.

    I would get drunk on beer, gin, rum or whiskey. I would avoid red wine and vodka. Vodka is not a favourite of mine unless it is top of the line Scandinavian vodka like Ice or Finlandia.

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    I would think that it would take two or three, because the last time i had a nice long drink (yesterday), i definately felt it after the third one. Now if you have a sweetheart with you, i would drink about 3 to 4 to make him/her look real nice to you. You'll probably have a great time!

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    2 to get a little tipsy

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    Anywhere from 1 to 4........depends on the person

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