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Diff. between laptop & notebook?

Can any one explain the diff. between laptop & notebook.

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    100% no difference really.

    I found someone else leaveing this message.

    "is that the laptop was a larger portable computer. It preceeded the present notebook computers. While portable computers today are many times referred to as laptops, most of them are technically notebook computers. This isn't suprising since many people still say, "lets get a Coke," when they actually mean soft drink. There is a difference in the size of laptops and notebooks."

    Source(s): just_hang <--- Is right I work as a tech. If a customer asked me this I would tell them that I use both names for the same thing. What ever you want to call it.
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    Generally these are interchangeable however there are some differences from time to time. There are notebooks, which are generally lighter and smaller than laptops. Laptops are generally heaver and are more powerful. Notebooks are usually intended for more portability while laptops are portable but not intended for high mobility. Hope that helps.

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    Laptop and Notebook are almost the same. Notebooks are normally a bit smaller.

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    There isn't really. Most techs will use those terms interchangeably.

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    only difference is the spelling lol. they are different names for same thing

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