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What are aces worth in Cribbage?

In Cribbage, are aces just worth 1, or all they also worth 11 (like in Blackjack)? For instance, how would you score a hand that was ace, four, jack, jack?

Thanks a lot.

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    aces count as 1 in cribbage. the hand mentioned would count for 6 points, possibly 7 if one of the jacks matched the cut card. thats only counting the cards in your hand. You could have more points depending on what card was cut.

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    Aces are always worth one.

    A, 4, J, J is worth 6 (J+4+A = 15 for 2, J[2nd Jack]+4+A = 15 for 4 and a pair of J make 6)

    However the cut card may add value to the hand.

    For the complete rules as set out by the American Cribbage Congress check out

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    just one in scoring and pegging

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