What are some ideas for getting my ex off my mind?

On Dec. 21 my boyfriend/common-law husband, decided to walk out on me and our 2 year old after 6 and a half years, for a woman he had a fling with since the 13th of Dec. I've been going crazy, it's been a real emotional rollercoaster and I miss him so much. We still talk almost everyday, but it's very hard. Anyway, here I sit on New Year's Eve while baby sleeps beside me. I want to call him or text message him so bad!! But I know I shouldn't. And part of me wants to just to piss off his new woman (long story, even after he told her know when I first found out about everything she called him nonstop and showed up at the house with a gift for him and our baby!! and bought him a $200 jacket!!)... The point is, what can I do to pass the time besides play on the internet. Or I mean, how can I not think about him? Actually maybe I just wanted to vent.

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    honey it's natural for you to think about him, but the harder you try not to think about him the more you are...i know this must be hard for you b/c you feel lonely and depressed ( i've been there) you want to call/text but i don't think that's a good idea b/c that's only going to hurt you more...you need to come to grips with yourself and ask yourself is he really worth the pain...no i don't think so....b/c he is very disrespectful torwards you and your feelings, he does not care about how you feel..he walked out on you and the baby so that says alot about him right there...the best thing that you could do right now dear is ask yourself what it is that you really want b/c you know that you deserve better...not with a man who is going to storm out on you when you least expect it, you need to accept that the relationship is no more...even if he does come back the relationship is still no more...b/c there in the back of your mind will always be is he going to leave me again...why torture yourself and go through that....let him be somebody elses problem the only thing you should be worried about is him helping you take care of the baby...other than that move on and that doesnt mean go jump right into another relationship to fill in his space move on to better yourself...start doing some activities that are beneficial to your health...and trust me you will start looking better and feeling better....so move on...good luck!!!

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    Awwww! that must hurt soo much! I'm sorry that this happened to you. There's no easy way out of a situation like that. You're going to think about him and it's going to hurt but please be strong and trust me he'll be back, but please don't take him back, not even for your baby's sake. I can't believe there's jerks in this world like that.

    A woman like that will not stay with him for long and he's propably relieved thinking that you're his back up. Don't let him treat you like that, EVER! Keep your self respect above everything and I wouldn't talk to him if I were you. I would never want to see his face again. How can you stand a man like that??

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    I am sorry , my heart breaks for you,it is hard to forget the father of your baby whom You've love. But we women have to take it,if a man lose his love to us, even how hard we push our self to a man, he won't budge. You can divert your attention to other things,to forget him.You are wiser now, the next guy marry him,before you decided to play house and have babies.Believe in yourself that there is that man who will love you and your baby that will last. He is your soul mate.

  • Why would you want to think about him anyway? What kind of person does something like that to begin with?

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    Time really does heal all wounds.

    The best revenge is to go on with your life and be happy...it will drive him crazy!

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    time will solve it ! and a good man in your life will help

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