Does anybody know of anyways i can promote my yahoo group which is a fantasy wrestling promotion?

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    It really depends on whether you want to promote your Group to the widest possible audience or whether you prefer to keep it small with high quality participation.

    For some ideas on how to promote your Group check:

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    Get you a cool ShortURL that is easy to remember and give out like this and place it in your e-mail, message board and forum sigs so people can see it when ever you send out e-mails or post messages.

    Build you a small webpage that tells others about your group and submit it to search engines so that people looking for what your group is about can find and come to you.

    Join other groups that are like yours and add your group link and post a message about your group (check the group rules or ask the owner if this is allowed first).

    Source(s): I have run my own Yahoo! group for over 5 years now!
  • this is a good way.

    you can also go to other yahoo groups and post links to your site on their links page.

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