whats to come? 06' has past 07' is HERE!!?

I have been sitting here thinking-last year was not so good. So what will this year bring? Sucess in business, school, and life or failure and heartache?

Any new years resolutions?

Mine is to be a better person no matter how people treat me.

Respect and love myself so much more than what I do now.

Care and trust in my decisions in life and follow thru with everything I DECIDE TO DO.

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  • Staci
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    1 decade ago
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    2006 was pretty good for me! Mine personal New Years resolution would be to continue to excercise. Loose another couple of inches in my waist.

    Learn another foreign language to be capable of conversation.

    PS- When u learn to understand better about the decisions u make in life. Who u are, what u want to make of ur life. Take it one step at a time. Most tend to love & respect themselves. U become a better person. When ur positive, u attract positive people who help make u more caring. Good luck u deserve to be a happier person.

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