Any good websites for Stranding Knitting?

I am looking to find out just how to combine different stitch techniques to make one that works for me. I learned Intarsia and a little Fair Isle, but I noticed how similar they all are and I want to know how to mix and match and/or combine them to make knitting easier, whether it be independent motifs or designs, or more intricate detailed stuff, or smaller stuff too. I want to knit skulls and crossbones, and I need these "stitch mixing recipes" to help make this easier. I am not trying be lazy, I am unwell. Websites preffered, thank you much.

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    When knitting with two or more colors wherein the distance between color changes is short, letting the unused yarn be carried along across the wrong side is called color stranding. Color stranding creates a fabric that is -- in essence - two layers thick. The knitting creates one layer and the ÒfloatsÓ -- the strands being carried along the wrong side of the work -- creating the second layer... which is probably why it's come to be associated with areas known for cold weather -- Norway, Fair Isle, Iceland and the Andes for example.


    "Another type of color work in knitting is intarsia. In intarsia, the different colors of yarn are wound on bobbins -- one bobbin per color rather than being carried along on the back of the work. (Think Kaffe Fassett.) Intarsia is best for larger blocks of color (we'll discuss why a little later) while color stranding is used for smaller, repetitive patterns. "

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    I hope you are feeling better soon!

    Here is a website I found that allows you to subscribe to an online newsletter all about stranded knitting.

    Here is a description from the website:

    "Stranded" is a newsletter devoted to knitting colorwork in stranded and Fair Isle type designs. Each issue features original sweater, sock and other designs, a lesson in technique, book reviews, yarn reviews, a look at knitting tools and gadgets, and history articles about color knitting around the world. Every season will take you to a new locale!

    Take care!

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    check the lion brand yarn website, they have tons of really good instructions for lots of different stitches

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