Does a digital filter work on digital cable?

like to watch all the paperview,hbo,show time channels for free.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is a tough question to answer. The easy answer is yes, they do work. What most of these filters do is block out upstream (from your cable box back to the cable company) signals under 54MHz. The way new digital cable boxes work is that when you order a PPV or on-demand PPV movie the box sends a signal back to the cable company with the basic information on the purchase on the low-frequency range of the line. The digital filter stops this signal from ever leaving your house. This solves half the problem. Your cable box stores a local copy of all your purchase history that must be cleared. Otherwise, when you return your cable box they will see all your purchases and bill you anyway. Most of the filters on the market include basic instructions on how to clear this memory to solve the problem.

    That said, there are a couple other problems. First, these filters don't open up premium channels (like the old analog cable descrambler boxes). Your box has a serial number that will only display the channels you paid for. Second, the cable companies regularly poll all the boxes on their network to check for signal strength, purchase history, service outages etc. If your box doesn't show up on a few of these polls, they will send a technician to see what the problem is.

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