GUYS..if a girl were 5'6 how much would u want them to weigh?

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    Basically weight isn't the issue because you'll weigh more if you have large breast, a bubble butt - If you can wear tight cloths, it looks sexy and there isn't any large fat rolls sticking out then you are fine. So basically an athletic body, not to skinny, we want some meat on you but not really out of shape. Its very important to be with someone who takes pride in themselves - If a person can't take care of themselves then how can they take care of someone else

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    I am a 5ft6in female. I weigh 110 pds. My BMI is a half a point low: 17.79--I should be at least 18.5 as this is at the low end of normal BMI. I need to gain 5 pds to reach this normal BMI. BTW: it's not what a guy wants you to weigh, seriously, who cares what they think! What matters is how secure and comfortable you are in your own skin. Confidence is KEY, honey. Learn from someone with experience.

    More pointers, to gain weight: find out what your daily caloric intake is, find out how many daily calories you burn and modify.

    Tip: to gain a pound or two a week, increase calories by approx. 200 to 250 and see how it works for you. Think a pound a week is not enough? Wait until after a month when you've put on 5 or 6 pounds!

    Tip to lose: decrease by 200 to 250 calories and see the effects in the opposite direction, you might lose those extra 5 pounds in a month.

    Lift weights as well as doing cardio...don't just do one and not the other, you have to do BOTH!!

    Good luck, I hope this helps!


  • I know someone that's 5'6 but I dunno how much they weigh. I say about... 100-120 pounds. I don't want them to look like those models just average they don't have to have a 6 pack and they don't have to have a guy just average.

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    People saying anywhere from 100- 125 that would be a size 00 to 2. Meaning you might as well lick a stick, cause that anorexic bi**h, is goin to die of starvation

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    I would want them to weigh as much or as little as they were because it's the personality that matters.

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    I dont think it reallys matters how much you weigh.

    You could be 5'6'' and look fat and prob

    weigh the same as a 5'6'' skinny girl

    All that matters is that you dont look fat.

    Weight is just a nummber.

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    Baby Ruth? Why in the world would you even ask this question? Honey, not value yourself according to what OTHERS think about your body! YOU are the judge of your body.I don't think there is a person alive that hasn't noticed our own flaws. It is up to YOU to make changes if you would like, not because of someone's opinion. Do me a favor and look in the mirror and say to yourself, "YES!, this is ME and if someone chooses me, they will luv EVERY bit of me!"

    Start out "07" like this,please? and smile! : )

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