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Why do girls use a bottle of makeup each day...........????

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    Because we try to look SEXY I won't step foot outside without make-up.............

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    I'm not sure if your exaggerating there with the one bottle a day or the girl you're talking about just needs to learn how to use it properly. When using foundation girls should only be using a bit to even out their skin tone.

    To those people who said girls are cheap and stupid to wear makeup..........

    I don't think girls are vain or stupid to wear makeup.... it's called evening out skin tone or covering blemishes.... and also what about those people who work in corporate offices? And in some particular industries like beauty ones... how inappropriate would it be to show up without a bit of makeup on.

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    A bottle each day hhmmmm..... that's weird a Little dab should be enough unless you wish to use all of it and end up looking like a clown I don't use a bottle i only use a dot here and there and that's it. And we girls use it to look good for you guys and some we just have the natural beauty .....the make up just brings our features out more. Plus guys these days want a perfect lady don't they so there you go.

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    A "bottle" of makeup? Hm.

    Not all females use a lot of makeup, not all females even wear it.

    For the ones who do..

    I assume it's because they either don't like their natural face and are attempting to hide what they believe are flaws, or they just love the look of an overdone face.

    It could be a confidence issue and it could be that they just feel good when wearing a great amount of makeup.

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    If a girl is using a bottle of make up a day there is something wrong, either she needs to be taught how to apply make up or she has some self esteem issues

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    Hi! I don't know because you only need a little. I'm a makeup artist and it takes so little to look beautiful! Most women feel low on confidence and they try to look better but they have no one to teach them the right way. The beauty industry uses women and pushes perfection so we try so hard to please. Men seem to love perfection in beauty and so the problem gets worse. I feel sad for the ladies that wear too much makeup because it shows me their sadness about themselves. I'm glad someone notices ther is a problem. See ya!

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    Well not all girls put a lot of makeup. And if every single guy does not like it that girls put a lot of makeup then they should not like it that celebrities put a lot of makeup. If they do not like it that girls do that then they should not like celebrities doing that too.

  • 1 decade ago I don't know...I use to wear that much make-up but then i realized I looked like a clown so I stopped...I'm mixed with black and white and my mom is white and I use to wear HER foundation bright pink lipgloss and like bright blue eye shadow...I guess girls feel that it makes them prettier and covers up their flaws but...Now all I wear is lipstick and a lil eye shadow I mean I could care less about my flaws...wearing all that make up makes me feel fake...but i don't know some girls think it looks good

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    who said we do!!! eww?? how can you use a bottle of makeup per day who ever does they might be touching up too much and their face will be caked with that junk!!

    I hardly ever use make up!!!

    I don't need mascara because my eyelashes are already really long

    no eye liner because I already look like I'm using it

    no eyebrow pencil because my eyebrows are perfect(no I don't pluck)

    only concealor for my pimples when they do come!

    if you are using a bottle of make up a day stop because you're clogging your pores

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    Not all girls use a lot of makeup. It all deepends on the type of skin u have

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    Not all girls do but some are very insecure and the make-up makes them feel better which is fine but not my thing. I hate a lot of gunk on my face.

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