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my hp psc 2210 is making a massive like bang or big snap when it is taking in paper, what could be the problem

it is like snapping when taking in paper, the bottom part that ascends to feed paper just snaps up, i dont know what is the prob, it is really loud and anoyyin, pls help

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    1 decade ago
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    Unexpected noise (clicking, thumping, grinding, squealing, and so forth) from an HP all-in-one can be caused by a problem with the ink carriage or the scanner.


    Follow the steps below in the order presented to determine the source and resolution for the noise.

    Step one: Checking the scanner

    This step applies only to products equipped with a flatbed scanner.

    Open the scanner cover.

    With the lid open, press the Start Copy button to make a copy.

    The scanner mechanism should move down the glass.

    If the scanner mechanism does not move and noise is present, contact HP.

    If the scanner mechanism moves without noise, continue with Step two below.

    Step two: Checking for paper feed problems and carriage blocks

    The URL sited implies that you may have a paper jam. Naturally if the paper feeds properly and your printer still makes the noise.. you may want to have your unit looked at. Damaged gears can also contribute to noises while advancing/feeding paper.

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