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The Break-Up???

What did you think of this movie and the ending???

I thought there was way to much yelling & the ending sucked.


Oh I agree their acting was very realistic , they did a great job acting, but I was very disappointed with the end.

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    I recently watched it....and I wasnt surprised cause my sister saw it at the movie theater and told me they dont stay it kinda ruined it...True, not your typical "happy ending", but I think it worked out fine. You know, you cant always get what you want in life, and vince vaughn's character, was it Gary?, anyhoo learned this even though he realized what a good thing brooke was simply too late, she was too hurt. No matter what she did to try to get his attention and get him aware of how he was acting..he didnt budge. So its kinda like they are better people without each therefore they went their separate ways. :) Happy New Year.

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    i thought the movie was realistic and i could see the yelling as totally believeable, some people are just dramatic like that. alot of the arguements they had are ones i have had but with my husband and not yelling though...the ending was interesting and i guess that they left alot of loose ends.

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    The ending did suck! I was hoping they would get back together like most movies would end but the ending could have been a lot worse then what it was!

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    I didn't like all the arguing and treating each other badly. It was almost painful to watch. I'm glad they didn't end up together. They obviously weren't meant for each other. Some people make better friends than lovers.

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  • i liked the ending. but hated the movie. the ending went outside the box of the typical hollywood movie. the movie was aqful though, it wasn't in the least funny, and the tension reminded me to much of my own life.

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    I thought for sure they were going to get back together.

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    It sucked! I wanted them to get back together.

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    I'd give it a C

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