HIV test window period survey?

I would like to ask all of you. Have anyone of you knows of anyone or ever experienced yourself of testing NEGATIVE for hiv antibody after 6 WEEKS of exposure, then amazingly became POSITIVE when u took the test again after 8 WEEKS onwards??... I know about the 3-6months rule but just for the sake of curiousity that has it ever happened before..

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    It is unlikely that you tested negative after 6 weeks, and become positive after 8 weeks onwards.

    what i suggest you is to go for P.C.R. test, that will clear all your dobuts.

    be in constant tiuch with your physician.

    take care.

    Source(s): I am an counselling psychologist
  • wishon
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    4 years ago

    nicely, if he's HIV advantageous then you definately could be extreme threat. Anal intercourse is the main risky interest interior the way of HIV. He would have not had it. it could have been advantageous if he had disclosed this information in the previous you 2 had intercourse. besides, the try at 14 days isn't precise. shop attempting out up til 3 months. maximum folk make the antibodies via then. you basically would desire to respire and loosen up till then. there is not something you're able to do. sturdy luck. i'm hoping each and every thing works out for you.

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