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I'm from Michigan, but I've been thinking of applying to Hunter college in NYC, or Baruch College (dying to get out of the midwest). Which one of the two (or any other schools that you know of) would you recommend? I'm not quite sure yet what I will major in, possibly business/advertising/public relations, but I was looking for a good liberal arts school in the area. I was planning on attending either of the two for a year or so, then maybe transferring to NYU. Anyway, if you've ever attended Hunter or Baruch, what was it like? What were the students like? Housing (or lack thereof)? Would it be better to rent an apartment? What are the areas of the school like, safety wise? Is it a gay-friendly school?

Thank you so much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Both Hunter and Baruch are part of the City University of New York. If I recall correctly, Baruch does not offer on campus housing. In my opinion, neither of them are particularly amazing in academics.

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    4 years ago

    I unquestionably don't be attentive to concerning the fee of a room at Berkeley, however the college is large. The professors love their job and have self assurance me that incredibly comes for the time of to us pupils! this is extremely impossible to no longer learn! The professors have artwork journey of their fields, as a result they be attentive to precisely what they are speaking approximately. the final surroundings is relaxing and comfortable. this is a business employer college and that they are attentive to the particular shown fact that scholars choose for to have relaxing. there'll consistently be an adventure on campus or off campus. good success on making your decision!

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