wats a CB radio?

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    A CB Radio is a Ciitizen Band like a walkie talkie that goes for miles, truckers used them to communicate between each other, and then people in cars used it. Picture it like a Nextel but every one on that station could listen to your conversation. Sort of like the old cop radios in their cars, or in a boat. Long antenna on the back of your car and this huge box with 3 knobs, volume, frequency tuner and a knob to change stations (numbers)

    It was pretty cool back then. I was 18 when my father had one. People would talk LIKE Breaker breaker good buddy over and out------stuff like that people had their own Handle name Not Screen Name Or E-Mail address but similar.

    Thats a cute question only because I am 48 so I am assuming that you are around 20 somthing or younger (just a guess)

    Do you know what an 8 track is? Do you know how to work a turn table? or phonograph? Just teasing, when my daughters kids hit the age of 20 they wil probably be asking what is a cell phone??????????? Who knows! Happy New Year!

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    A CB, citizens band, radio is a two way transceiver amplitude modulated on the 27MHz band. Maximum RF output by law is 3 watts. Lots of truckers use the CB as well as other outdoor users, off roading, etc. It's downside is the amplitude modulation. It's suseptable to static noise unlike FM on the FSR bands. (Motorola Talk-Abouts). The advantage is has fairly good range and can be useful in emergencies. Especially when you are out of cell phone range.

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    CB stands for Citizens Band radio, a band of frequencies set aside for non military, non emergency two way communications . In other words for the everyday person. It was very popular during the 70's however today it is used mainly by truckers plying the nations highways.

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    Citizen's Band - Used a lot by truckers to talk to each other while going down the road. A regular one has a range of a few miles. Add an amplifier to the out put and it is like a small AM radio transmitter.

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