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Have you ever answered.. the phone....and?

the person on the other end immediatly says.. Who is this? and you respond with.. Well.. I dunno .. I cant see you..

I do .. it makes them think for a few seconds...

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    No I haven't but one time this drunk guy phoned my house by mistake at 1 in the morning and when I answered and said Hello, he said "Hi hun, I'm still out with the boys, be home in a couple of hours". I answered him "Ok babe, stay out as long as you like, see you when you get in". Was that bad?

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    I do get those calls. And I usually say. Who Do You want to speak to?

    Thanks! I Will Try Your Answer!

    That is Too Funny!! You always come up with the funniest Ideas!

    Happy New Year!

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    I hate that, and it's so rude, first you have to say hi, then introduce yourself and after that say the name of the person you are looking for. I do like this:

    - hi, I'm natalia, john's friend, is he there?

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    Have you ever answered the phone and said "Hi, is George there?" That freaks people out also...

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    My father asked me that once when returning a call to me at a number he did not recognize and I told him "you called me. Don't you know who you called?" He got just a bit pissed off.

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    lol no body has ever said "who is this" when i answered the phone, but you know, im going to do that when somebody does say that!

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    No I just say your the one who called me so who are you and what do you want?

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    I say, who are you looking for?

    Telemarketers always pronounce my name wrong 98% of them anyhow, so I can honestly tell them that %^&ytgh*&^kloiPevbny Maidesf%$# doesn't live here. SORRY WRONG #

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    That happened to me twice today. I will try that the next time.

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    Thats pretty cool, I'll have to remeber that.

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