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What if I have depression?

I have been crying at night almost every night and it seems for no apparent reason. I have been having thoughts of death and suicide. During the day things seem to be fine, but sometimes I can't control my feelings. Is this depression? and What do I do?

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    Yes you are depressed! what is important is that you have identified that you have a problem. See a doctor! It is the right point to start at. If you cut yourself you would see a doctor, and this sounds like it is hurting you more.

    Life comes down to key moments. If you sort this out now it will cause you to take a better directions that will effect your life forever! x

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    Yeah, the crying can occasionally be due to other things, but once you have thoughts of hurting or killing yourself or others, it's pretty safe to assume you have depression in there somehwere, and that you should seek help IMMEDIATELY.

    Some of the top signs of depression:

    Irritablity (this does not always just mean sad/crying, it can mean a shorter than usual temper or a state of prolonged aggravation)

    Changes in sleeping patterns (sleeping much more or much less)

    Changes in appetite (eating much more or much less)

    Prolonged sadness

    Loss of interest in the things and people you usually enjoy

    A constant feeling of "blah", where the world is kind of going on around you and you seem kind of out of it

    Thoughts of hurting yourself or others (for any reason, including cutting, etc. to "feel *something*"

    Thoughts of suicide

    Aside from the last two examples, the standard length of time used to determine if you have depression is usually two weeks. I personally think it could be as long as a month. Either way, if you've felt this way for long, you should talk to your doctor. If you've had the suicidal or other thoughts of inflicting pain on yourself or others, seek help immediately.

    Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with having depression and being on meds to help it. In my opinion, it's a much smarter decision to do something to better your outlook and your life than it is to fight it if you actually need help. Depression, and the meds to treat it, are getting really common these days, and there's no need to suffer with depression if you don't have to (and you really don't have to).

    Best of luck to you.

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    Yes, definitely depression. And if you are having thoughts of suicide, you need to go to the doctor immediately. They have great drugs now that can help you right away. Sometimes you have to take several to find the one that works for you, but you will. I used to cry all the time and my doctor gave me Paxil and now I am fine. The first dosage was too much and I had restless legs and so we lowered the dosage and now it works good. You have to tell the doctor about your thoughts of suicide. Suicide is the worst thing in the world you can do to your family. If you do not care about yourself, then think of your parents or siblings or other relatives. They will blame themselves for the rest of their lives. Don't do that to them. Please get help.

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    having depression is the worst you can have, i have memorys popping up from no where and it makes me cry or want to get drunk, but i talk to my mates about it and get advise, but i talk to my teacher because in my past i got yanked around by teachers and done nothing about it and i feel depressed about it but i think it through, i have a great life, i have friends my famiy. if you had a bad memory then think about it, write on paper and read it through, once you have done that put it in an envelope and give it to your doctor, teacher, or even mum or dad. and they will help you, depression can be solved not just by pills you can get help by the people who love you, just think about it and you will get past it

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    It could well be depression but you need to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis. Make an appointment and get checked out.

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    I had once depression and I saw a good doctor and she really helped me getting out of it with her affectionate talk and prescribing pills for a short period of time. Also talking to sympathetic, positive attitude people who can understand your feelings and try to comfort you can help.

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    Sounds to me like depression. I cry myself to sleep every night it's been this way for years now. Please get help.

  • It does sound like depression.

    You should start by talking to your doctor. He/she will be able to direct you further.

    Good luck!

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