Am I a ripe mango?

Sometimes I just wonder. Is 28 too old to be single? I don't have a boyfriend. I show no interest in marriage. It drives my mum up the wall & over the ceiling. She NEEDS to get me married off. It has become more of a chore than a joyous event to look forward to. Everytime I go to a wedding, a gathering or even a FUNERAL (What the???) someone would come up to my mum and ask 1. Is this your daughter? 2. How old is she? 3. Is she married? 4. Why is she not married? 5. Shall I look for some good prospects? Afterwhich, I'd get a tap on my back & steady 'ol advice on why I should get married ASAP and of course I am often compared to a ripe mango. Marriage topic has taken precedence over world issues in my house. My mum will not give a hoot even if the world population decreases by half tomorrow. Coz she thinks once I get married, I'll save the world with mass procreation. So is 28 too old to be single? And do Indian girls born & bred in a country other than India face this problem too?

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    This does happen to young Indian girls. I think that you should explain to your mom and others that you will get married when you are ready to. You are not comfortable discussing it further with anyone except your immediate family.

    Its your decision when you get married. Don't let anyone push you into it. There is no "right" age to get married. You also have to be sure that you are with the right person.

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    Often one's culture, heritage and values dictate the appropriate time in which a female should get married and start a family.

    In America, more women are getting married in their mid thirties and are putting having children on hold. Careers, goals, and education have taken priority over settling down with a husband and children.

    What a change from twenty years ago when women looked forward to their MRS degree.

    For the first time in modern history more women are living single that are married.

    If you are from another culture, but living in the US, your family may want to instill your native traditions and customs in you.

    You then must decide whether you are more American or _____ in your thinking and daily way of life.

    Some cultures today still have arranged marriages.

    Think of yourself and what would make you happy. Can you live outside your family unit as an individual, or do you wish to keep some of the home traditional values. If your culture expects you to marry at an early age, and you don't feel ready, then speak to your mother and respectfully explain to her that you would like time to make the right choice.

    Attend social and religious groups that have the same common interests and beliefs as you do.

    You might find that other young women with your background and interests are facing the same dilema as you.

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    Indian women all over the world are going through this, as we move from traditional cultures to a more global one. I have been surprised to see the young Indian girls not only having boyfriends, but boyfriends of different cultures. Mama gee must be crying into her chapati dough

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    Well first u decide that u wan to get married or not , or what are u r priorities in life, and yes if u want to get married or hve to get married then whats the use of getting late , better today then tomorrow , as everything need times , so as u will need time to settle also if u get married . and yes if u love some one then clear that out to ur parents

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    No, you will get married when your ready and you have found the right man.. If people ask just tell them that with the divorce rate you want to prolong the enviable as long as possible. besides your not even ready for picking so your far from being rip. and not ready to be bruised.. enjoy life, when you get married things may change to the point that your youth will disappear..

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    Ripe Mango!

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    I'd like to see the mangos.

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