DWI How many people ?

Have known someone that has been affected by a drunk driver? For me it was my best friend who was killed in 1982 by one& what political party is more apt to make tougher laws for the first offense?

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    My Grandfather was murdered by a Drunk Driver on my 5th Birthday -- he had just retired, was driving to my parents' home to see me on my birthday (and present in the car). The DWI Driver ran the red light at excessive speed, hit my grandfather's car broadside, spinning it around. He then backed up, floored the accelerator, hit the car once again, and my grandfather was ejected from the car onto the street ... the DWI Driver then BACKED UP OVER the Body of my Grandfather, put it back into drive, and accelerated once again driving over the body and hit the car one more time. DWI Driver backed up once again, and this time just drove away.

    So instead of a 5th Birthday Party, I was with my parents as they went to the morgue to identify the body (and claim it), with them as they made funeral arrangements, and had to bury a grandfather that I have mourned ever since.

    It is now quite a few decades later, and this DWI Driver barely got a slap on the wrist, but to this day ... I WILL NEVER allow anyone around me to drink/drive.

    Source(s): Just the Personal memory of an Empty-Nesting single Retiree whose Grandfather was murdered by a DWI Driver. You know, the driver had NO Remorse, felt no responsibility for their actions. This is beyond political parties -- Tougher Laws need to be passed so no more children (or adults) have to mourn the loss of parents/grandparents, other loved ones MURDERED by the selfish act of DWI Drivers. MADD is a good organization to support for more action in this situation. Sorry for your loss. I know the feeling.
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    My younger brother has been confined to a wheel chair for the past 10 years. He was involved in an accident with a drunk driver when he was 18.

    My husband has a cousin who was recently released from jail for serving time for multiple DWI charges. His last charge came after he nearly killed a 16 year old girl and her mother. The girl had to undergo many surgeries and reconstructive surgeries to repair all the damage she suffered from the accident.

    Republicans are the ones trying to make tougher laws. Democrats are making excuses for the people committing the crimes, and relieving criminals of accountability.

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    My brother in law was killed in a dwi wreck with a friend trying to out run the police last June. The driver has had at least 3 duis and is now facing murder 1 charges in the supreme court.

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    I was an officer in MADD for several years. My niece was killed standing in her own yard on her 8th birthday. People of both parties need to get together and support laws that are tough on drunk driving and fund programs that reduce DWI. We had the best funding during the Democratic administration. The Republicans took a lot of money from the liquor lobbyists and would not assist MADD and public safety programs for DWI. I am sorry for your loss. Best of luck to you in 2007!!

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    MADD is the most powerfull organization for this.

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