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what are the strange noises on certain frequencies on my police scanner?

Usually on the 154 to 156 mhz band.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Depends on your area.

    Pagers when used heavily had frequencines in the 152, 157, and 158 ranges, along with 454 and 462.

    Most paging has moved to the 928-932MHz ranges, but not all. There are still systems on the old channels.

    What kind of noises would help to idetnfity them.

    If its in the 154 to 156 MHz range then its most likely public safety users and it could be :

    1) Paging - same as the pager companies

    1a) Pagers - In addition to alpha/numeric paging there could be whats called 2 tone paging which activates sirens, in station klaxons and all those little belt worn radios that the fire and ems uses, called Minitors. Sounds like 1-2 tones in various timing sequences versus regular paging which will sound like a screech.

    2) Data - to run the in car computer systems, although most newer systems utilize different networks for more speed

    3) "Rip & Run" dispatch - a small data burst is sent that gives nature of the call, address and also does things like open station doors, turn on the lights. Mostly used in fire and EMS, but others use it as well

    If you live near one of the older 152/157/158 paging systems your scanner be getting whats called intermod and its a result of the high power paging transmitter and the poor filtering of you scanner thus you receive the pager channel on several other channels. This is common in scanners, especially older ones not using triple conversion IF's.

    Heres a site to help you identify the signals

  • 1 decade ago

    Sometimes the frequency may be overlapping. That is some other broadcast may be overlapping the same frequency. Also you can hear strange noises when some radio wave emitting things pass by (Or You pass by them). For example a broadcasting station, dish antennas, and many things. Sometimes even guys using mobiles cause interruption. However if the interruption is heavy try adjusting the frequency by moving the slider a little left or right within the range or moving away from the place. If you stand between 3 walls, that is walls to behind, left and right, the phenomemon will be severe. Try open spaces. Happy 2007:-)

  • 1 decade ago

    not sure what you mean by "strange noises" but if its something that sounds like alien language, it likely sideband broadcasts. Sideband broadcasts are (sort of) signals that are sent on a frequency in between two of the frequencies your scanner actually recieves. Since the frequency is so close to the two frequencies on either side of it, it picks it up, but it doesn't sound right. Something in between two cats fighting and an alien talking, all run through a guitar phaser...

    You can adjust the "squelch" control to eliminate this noise. To actually recieve it so that you can understand it, you'd need a way to adjust the frequency of your scanner in finer increments.

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    kind "police radio frequencies" on your browser, and you gets loads of sites to %. from. you additionally can purchase a "Scanner Codes" e book out of your close by Radio Shack save. There are too many to checklist.

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    4 years ago

    Police Scanner Noise

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    Why do you NEED to scan police bands anyway...are you some kind of terrorist, crook, drug dealer???????????

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    if it's a one continous "strange noise" then it's more likely a birdy.

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