Component cable vs HDMI help?

I just bought a PS3 and im wanting to get better picture than the composite cables. I am buying a HDTV in my near future but not soon enough so im trying to get whats best for now. I realised my TV supports Component cables and i read about them and it is stated they are the alternate route to HDMI. Well is Component cables as good as HDMI or even close? Also will i see a major improvement on my tv if i switch from composite to componite?

The reason i ask is because some componite cables cost just as much, plus ill be getting a HDTV soon that will more than likely support both and i dont want to be thinking im getting the best when HDMI is alot better. But for now im just wondering will componite cables be ALOT better than composite? I just want to see HD quality on my HD tv, but it doesnt support HDMI. Thanks!

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    although component is not quite up to HD standards it isn't far off the mark. and yes composite cannot even begin to compete with component so your money is not going to be wasted. bear in mind that although your tv supports component it is not a high def set and so your images cannot even come close to what a high def set can deliver-your tv is simply not designed for this. this is not to say a pretty impressive picture cannot be obtained using the equipment you have-it certainly can. component leads need not be that expensive!!-here in the UK asda (walmart) sell them for just under £7-although not quite up to monster cable standards (who's prices go up to £200 A METRE!!!) it's more than adequate for your needs. when buying your HD ready set ensure the tv has the HDREADY badge stamped on the front (not a sticker-the badge has to be correctly embossed into the facia of the set). to ensure the tv is of high def standard.

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    Component connectors are BEST for your PS3

    HDMI is only BETTER when you're trying to avoid Compression of the TV SIGNAL.....Yeah, that's right -- TV signal!!!

    That's where HDMI shines....

    You see, some Cable boxes and Cable companies actually compress their HD TV signals to save power and Bandwidth....that's why I won't rent Cable at all.

    I prefer's ALL Digital to begin with... and HD STATIONS ARE NOT it's a straight line into your HDMI jack on a TV....

    Compression can cause less detail in the BACKGROUND of a show....and some of my customers complain, thinking it's the TV's fault....BUT it isn't!

    Source(s): 24 years servicing TV sets..... ALSO....HDMI doesn't NEED expensive cables...IT's a DIGITAL SIGNAL! And you don't need MONSTER cables for a 6 foot run either....those are great for 100 foot runs or more....
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    HDMI or High Definition Media Interface cables are the best on the market today.

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    Componte is better,but HDMI is a little better than componte

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