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    If you absolutely need to have a type of storage you can play without using a computer, I'd say DVD hands-down.

    While VHS is often more reliable DVD can be made as reliable simply by making backups of the DVD on other DVD discs. DVD also has menu systems, menu animation capability, surround sound capability, more movie length capacity, and the ability to quickly fast-foward/rewind to any chapter in a movie, among other features that a VHS does not. Plus DVD-r discs are often cheaper than VHS tapes.


    On the other hand, if you are willing to use your computer to play the DVD (you can use an s-video cable to hook it up to a TV), the ultimate form of video is an ISO image file (IE hard drive image of a DVD or Video CD).

    Storing/Playing-videos-from these ISO images can result in

    1) the reliability of hard disks (if you store the ISO on your hard drive)


    2) at least the storage cheapness of a DVD (if you store the file on a DVD)...and often greater storage (on shorter length DVD images you can fit 2 complete movies on a single DVD)

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    DVD has higher signal to noise ratio for audio and video. If the DVD encoding was done right, you won't notice the pixelation in the dark scenes too much. DVDs often have alternate audio tracks with director comments. I like to hear the directors comments after watching a movie.

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    DVD is nice because you don't need to rewind, plus the subtitles, languages (some) and sometimes better quality, but they scratch so easily.

    VHS is more durable but it has no scene selection and takes up more space. If you're renting out, go for VHS, at least you're guaranteed you'll see the whole movie, without it getting stuck half way and be "unable to read disk" because it's been scratched beyond use.

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    DVD by a B I G margin.

    Better picture, better sound, less degradation, quick access to the middle of a movie, easier storage, players are less complex, easier to clean and the list goes on. IMO there is no comparison.

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    I prefer DVD because you get all of the extra materials!

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