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What are phantom cramps?

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    Those are contractions that your womb gets as a way to get ready for the delivery (like practising for the real thing). They are somehow similar to some menstrual pain, but stronger and more concentrated.

    Another name of it is Braxton Hicks (...or something like that...) contractions.

    Source(s): I'm on my 3rd pregancy.
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    They are known as Braxton Hicks contractions, "false labor". They feel like the real thing but there is a very strong difference.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Braxton Hicks, which are odd, sometimes even uncomfortable, but harmless. Maybe even helpful - they aren't quite sure. See the reference in wikipedia.

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    thats another word for brackton hicks, which a little tightenings in ur tummy getting ready for bub.

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