gifts for my boyfriend!!?

im in a long distance realsionship and i want to get my boyfriend sumthing special for his birthday, but wat do i get him??

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    Well a rose and a letter of course..but do it deifferently....

    Make an aged bottle...

    1)I did this for my boyfriend and I's 1st anniversary, He loved it. OK, I got a big glass bottle with a cork on top. You glue sand on the out side, make sure that it looks like the bottle has been laying on the sand for a very long time. and glue shells,sea weed etc. Then some how get some one to draw you. (make sure you like) Then write a nice letter about how you two got together and how you feel now. Then roll the papers up and place then in the bottle. Oh an extra tip.. drop some perfume on the cork. Enjoy!

    (since is long distance,this is one way of communication is past..)

    Optioanl u could do this...

    I sent him a "Care Package". I included some of the following: my perfume, a framed picture, a Hot Wheel of his "dream" car, chocolate hugs and kisses, a "little black book" with my name and number on each page, bandages (for fixing a broken heart), his favorite cologne, 2 vanilla scented candles (because he lit my fire), a tape of songs that reminded me of him, among a few other little things, and I packed it all in a "fan" box ( I had just bought a fan a week earlier). On the front of the box I wrote "I am a Big FAN of Yours!" He loved it all and the day he recieved it he said "I LOVE YOU" and went to tears on the phone!

    3)Buy an inexpensive decorative jar or container. Then buy 365 Hershey Kisses, one for every day of the year. On the Hershey paper tabs, write one thing you like, love, or appreciate about your significant other, and only allow them to have one each day for a year. It takes some time and thought, but they will think of you with every daily kiss. This is a great idea when distance is involved, but works wonders at home too.

    4)I took an empty champagne bottle that he and I had drank together on one of our visits and took off the paper label around the neck (soak it in water and it will peal right off). Then I took it too a glass cutter. I had him cut the bottle at the neck, right where the paper wrap would be. I then filled it with little trinkets and memories from us - movie & sport ticket stubs, pictures, Hershey Kisses, romantic fortunes from fortune cookies, flower petals, the "key to my heart" (that I bought from this website!), all the reasons why I love him written out on slips of paper, little things like that. I filled the bottle with all those things and then glued it back together with silicone glue and super glued the paper wrapper back over the place where it had been cut. It looked brand new; you couldn't tell it had ever been cut. Then I mailed it to him and told him that he had to wait to break it open with me until the next time we were together. He loved it! We broke it open together the next time I saw him, he couldn't wait!

    Okies...hope it helped...sorry friend,my fingers hurt!

    Best of luck!! Just run ur imagination and do it with time and heart!

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    Get him something naughty! Can't go wrong with that for a man :-)

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    mint chocolate flavored condoms

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    that's hard one. i'd say go somewhere with him and spend ur time and money on him show him u care!!

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    a plane ticket to your town.

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    how come u dunno wat 2 get him for a present?if hes ur man,u must have a clue or sum sort.does he like ties,sneakers,jewelry?find out.n good luck.o keep n mind dat guyz r simple creatures so if hes into sports or video games,go w/ wat comes along w/ dat.

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