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Why does dunkin donuts have the most annoying commercials?

i hate them. ne one else?


how have all u people not seen a dd commercial.

Update 2:

maybe cuz my town has 7 of em they just play a lot on our tvs localy

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    Because that have the best coffee. Oh and because you sure remember Dunkin Donuts now, don't you? Annoying commercials get our attention as well as funny one, and that my friend is good advertising

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    I havent seen a commercial of theirs in years....I didnt know donut companies needed to commercialize their products.

  • They may be annoying, but the most annoying commercial is for that product( Head on). I cringe every time I see one.

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    i haven't seen one since the "time to make the donuts" commercial.....and i love that one!

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    We dont ever have dunkin donut commericials actually we dont even have a dunkin donut place here

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    i have yet to see one, truth to tell.

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    ROFL!! well com 2think of it yea @_@

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