Has anyone tried using replacement Steel Tips for worn out Stiletto heels?

My wife has 5 pair of boots, all with stiletto heels (3" to 3.5") and it seemed like she was forever taking them to the store to get those little tips replaced. I ordered steel tips from an on-line site from England and I replaced the tips on the boots myself as they wore out. Now 3 out of the 5 pairs are now steel tipped and they are showing almost no signs of wear! Amazing! The only downside is the extra amount of taping noise when she walks. I hate it but she kind of likes it. Other than that, she loves the fact that they are not wearing down any more and I'm saving a ton of money on the repairs we don't have to do any more. I was just wondering; Does anyone else have problems with those little plastic tips on stiletto heels wearing away in less than a month? This is for people who wear shoes like this all the time, not just once in a while. Has anyone tried replacing the tips of their heels with steel tips?

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    Yes. I used to have problems with them wearing down on one side more than the other, maybe because of the way I walk and I got sick and tired of having to replace them. I was actually looking for boots that came with steel tips to start with and I came across a site that gave clear instructions on how to replace them and since it looked easy I gave it a go and haven't looked back. I've read somewhere that metal heels are supposed to be harder on your knees but I've never noticed.

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    4 years ago

    Steel Stiletto Heels

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    Stiletto describes the kind of heel, for that reason as skinny and long... there is no difference no count if is produced from wood, acrylic or metallic... all of three ingredients will supply the comparable pointy help and all of them have a plastic tip, so there is no effective difference quite that the seem...

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    Steel tips ruin floors and should be banned. It really annoys me when I see a lovely wooden floor ruined just because some tight fisted, fat a*sed woman is trying to save a few pennies!

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