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For a in-ceiling 6.1 speaker setup, are the dual tweeters found in "surround" style speakers necessary?

What is the benefit, if any, of selecting the surround style speakers (i.e. HomeTech model IC SUR vs. HomeTech model HT603R)? The surround style speakers have dual tweeters, but I'm not sure this is necessary since the theatre speaker configuration provides the left / right pairs. I'm wondering if the surround style speakers are a better fit for separate room installations, where you'd install a speaker pair for listening to music?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The DUAL TWEETER in-ceiling speaker design is for when you want STEREO sound in one place (or room) but ONLY have room for ONE speaker...The dual tweeter makes it sound like TWO speakers...I'd use the SINGLE TWEETER design for each of your surround channels.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Same place you'd fit ANY SPEAKER.....

    In the corners of the "listening area"

    Then you point them to the opposite corner for full dispersion

    Point them like an X .....all of them...

    Single or dual tweeters is no big deal....They may be using dual tweeters to handle the high energy in Highs.....Sometimes they use Dual Woofers to handle the lows.....

    Ever wonder why they don't make dual Midranges?

    I wish I knew....but I leave that up to the Speaker Engineers....

    AS for need 4 speakers and a CENTER speaker....And a Subwoofer....FOR SURROUND.

    Source(s): 24 years repairing Electronics....
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