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Am I the only one who notices that Sony lies like crazy?! When the first screenshots of PS2 were shown years?

ago they looked as good as the PS3 graphics look now. Then, gradually, as months went by, the screen shots got duller and blurrier until they were not very impressive anymore.

The same thing happened with the first screen shots of the PS3. I've come to the conclusion that Sony's strategy is to wow gullible gamers with initial screen shots that are actually TWO hardware generations ahead of the current generation (for PS2 images, they use PS3 images, for PS3 images, they use PS4 images). Then, slowly, as months go by, they gradually bring the images in line with the way they're really going to look.

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    thay base this on the sad reality that most consumers are stupid

  • i have a love hate realtionship with sony. i hate they're gaming division. but i love they're camera/camcorder division. they are run by different people so its udnerstandable.

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    yeah that wouldn't surprise me god dam Sony for scamming us

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    sounds good to me

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