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Haircut Help!?

Hi, I have medium length blonde hair and it is natrually curly but not frizzy, it is like shiny riglets of hair, like when you curl your hair with a curling iron, I want to get my hair cut with a little off the ends say a few inches above my shoulder, I want layers and bangs, if you have any pictures that would be great, because I want to take them in to show the hairdresser!



Sorry I spelt a word wrong;

I put "Riglets", it was supposed to be "Ringlets", sorry just had to clear that up!

Update 2:

I almost forgot, I have round face and blue eyes, also should I get highlights, and if yes what colour?

Update 3:

Please some answer with a picture, I'm getting desperate!

Happy New Year!

2 Answers

  • shabo
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    i think the hairdresser will know what u r talking about

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah I know what you're talking about just get that done at the salon I'm sure the person will know what you are talking about

    there might be a picture like that in the avators thing just print it out!!

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