I think my girlfriend may be playing me...?

So recently we broke up but she told me that she made a huge mistake and that she's falling in love with me and that she can't stand to be without me so I told her that I'd give her a second chance.

Today, for New Years, I went to her house and she made a comment about how I was her "ex". This struck me as odd so I said "Wait...are we going out or not?" and she said "I don't know". Is she playing me? She also won't change her myspace status from single to something else. Is something up?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yeah holy, you are being set up as a back up man, a game in which, if she does not find anyone better, at least she has you to fall back on. Do not play this game with her. Tell her its either yes, we are an item or no, we are not, no answer or a no we are not and write her off as experience.


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