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I'm dying inside....Help?!?

Whats the best way to cope with the loss of one of your best friends? I feel like dying, I just hurt so bad. What do i do when no one understands?!

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    SOOO sorry to hear of your lose..Think about the good times, Cry its always good to cry laugh out loud, Its hard I know I lost my niece when she was 3months and my grandma just this past year. You really just need to spend time with your family get you mind off things.

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    it takes time to cope with a loss, i have never had a loss of a real best friend but i have lost my grandmother, in july 2006 on my b-day she may have been my grandma but i love her and she was just like a best friend to me when she didn't have to do her job as the best grandma, it takes time especially if this friend of yours is your best friend, i am truly sorry for your loss. . . :-( wow i am so sorry. . . .

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