What is an error bar?....having to do with graphs?

im doing a biology lab

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  • farmer
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    1 decade ago
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    An error bar brakets the realm of scatter or certainty in

    a measured point on a graph.

    for example, if you did five measurements and they

    all were slightly different, you'd have small error bars.

    if you got widely different answers for each measurement

    you'd have a large error bar.

    You can calculate the size of error bars in any way you

    want as long as you say how on your graph.

    A common way is to use the "standard deviation" of the

    measurements. Look that up.

    Another way is to estimate the error from errors in other

    measurements that make up the estimated point..

    And so on.

    Find an elementary text on statistics and experiments.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Error bars are used on graphs in the experimental sciences, to indicate the range of one standard deviation on one experimental measurement. Error bars can be used to visually compare two quantities, to determine whether differences are statistically significant. They can also show how well of a statistical fit the data has to a given function.

    Source(s): www.wikipedia.com
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