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Is this a concusion?

I was playing hockey and i got checked i got up and went to the bench. Ive been dizzy, confused, shakey, and i feel like im gonna barf. Ive only passed out once. Could this be ANOTHER concusion? What should I do??

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    You need to go to an emergency room for x-rays and a thorough the link below when you get back.

    Concussions are very could die. See the excerpt below:

    Herniation: The Brain Under Pressure

    Bleeding or swelling in the brain can cause pressure that forces the brain downward in the skull. The result may be a herniation, in which brain tissue is forced through a small natural opening in the relatively rigid sheets of tissue that separate the brain into right and left compartments and into upper and lower compartments. (These dividers are extensions of the outer layer of tissue covering the brain, the dura mater.) The most common type of herniation is a transtentorial herniation. Part of the temporal lobe is forced through the tentorial notch—the opening in the sheet of tissue between the temporal lobe and cerebellum. A transtentorial herniation can have catastrophic consequences, including paralysis, stupor, coma, abnormal heart rhythms, disturbances or cessation of breathing, cardiac arrest, and death.

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    Yes, it could. You should be seen at an ER you need a pro to access, but nausea is not a good sign. You should not go to sleep until you have been seen. Check your eyes if your pupils are equal and react to changes in light the same then you might be fine. But I don't like the nausea or dizziness. You really should go to an ER.

    At bare minimum you should be observed and when sleeping be awakened at at least three hr intervals.

    But my best advice is go get checked. Now.

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    It is a possible concusion. Go to the ER. Tell them what happened and what symptoms you are having and they may do a CAT scan and MRI's to be sure.

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    Yes it most likely is a concussion so go to Urgent care or ER right now but don't drive yourself. Have someone drive you there.

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    Get an M. R. I. scan of the head for a lot of money, or just let it heal like I did.

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    Sounds like it go to the doctors if it continues

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    Definitely sounds like it, go to the hospital promto.

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