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i forgot the password to my computer and i am locked out of it. How can i fix it?

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    you could try hitting the F8 key while your computer boots and then start in safe mode then change your password that way.. but if it already has a password then you can download this program called trinity rescue kit and it will crack the password for you...

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    Hey if u have lost mother board password remove and put the jumper on the same place in mother board.

    there wil be 3 pins and jumper wil be placed for first 2 pins u remove and place it two 2nd and theird pin and restart the system. it wil not ask for any password

    shut down the system and once again place the jumper back to first and second pins and restart the sytem

    If u have lost windows password u connect ur harddisk to another system and search for "sam" file u wil get it in C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\ path. delete that file

    then connect it back to ur system and restart it wil not ask for any password

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    If you are using Windows NT, 2000 or XP, you can make use of the utility named NTPasswd. You need to create a boot disk (diskette or CDROm) and boot from this. It will then prompt you to change whatever account in your system upon boot up. Goodluck!

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    go to ebay they have a cd which you put it in when booting but how did you write that then.

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