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Do you think this girl likes me?

i met her in 6th grade. i could've sworn i saw her staring at me one day because i looked at her and she looked away very quickly, face red. now, in 10th grade, we are in the same homeroom. she sits directly behind me. now, after a couple of weeks, i start talking to her. the first day i talked at her, she just looked at me, kind of confused looking. one day, after school, i was with my friends and she came out with some of her friends and they all stayed in the same area. a girl started talking to me, and i think i saw the girl in homeroom looking at me the entire time when i talked to the girl that started talking to me. the girl in my homeroom and i are friends, or it think we are. we talk to eachother, but i'm the one that starts the conversations, most of the time. she logs on AIM but doesn't talk to me unless i talk to her. please tell me what you really think, not something that would make me feel better. and do you have any tips for me that i can use to see if she does like me?

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    She is interested but sounds shy. Be playful and keep taking the initiative. ask her some explicit questions. By explicit I mean with definite answers and not dirty.

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